Feb 12 2005
RWESA-J Seminer in Kyoto Campas Plaza
Dams as Power, Dams as Aid
Repercussions of Dams in Japan & Japanese Aid to Southeast Asia

Nov.17-18 2004
A Proposal to the ministries of Finance, Agriculture and Construction and Transportation,
co-organized by Ariake(Isahaya) and Kawabegawa : Tokyo

Nov.25 2004
A trial of Kumamoto Committee of Aquitition

10:30- a case of common lands in submergence area
13:30- a case of right of fishery
Place : Suizenji Kyousai Kaikan:Kumamoto city
Contacts : Kumamoto prefectual office,Youchi Taisaku Ka TEL096-383-1111

Nov.28 Save the river! No debt for the future!
No Kawabe Dam Demonstration
Now the Ministry of Construction and Transportation has been trying to put our taxes no less than 330 billion Yen into Kawabe dam project, which has already losed its purposes.
The cost has threatened Kumamoto prefectual budget which has been in difficult finantial straits 15 billion yen as a prefectual charged expenses. It'll hit peoples' lives to cut down the budget of social welfare or other fields drastically.
We say No to Kawabe dam project laudly!!
Volunteer staffs are also welcomed.
 Nov.28 2004 13:00 start
Place Kumamoto Karashima Park Shinshigai - Shimotori - Kamitori - Shirakawa Park
Contact :Tsuchimori TEL 070-5273-9573
     Email: info@kawabegawa.jp